The Little Things

We didn’t have much when I was at home:
Chicken, beans, taters, a piece of corn pone.
But love is expressed in the little things:
Daddy ate the back, and Mommy ate the wings.

Tina Rae Collins



The womb of darkness covered me; chaotic darkness prevailed.
The earthquake shook me violently; on rivers red I set my sail–
Tossed to and fro among the swell,
Tossed to and fro.

The light was blinding so I hid, alone and naked in the fray;
Among the many shadows slid, not knowing night from day.
And there bereft and scared I lay–
Oh where to go.

From up above the misty skies grew dark, and then the rain did pour.
It cleansed my weepy, matted eyes; and there at last in violent swirl
I first took notice of the world–
But little did I know.

The land or sea, what would be found? And what would I be taught?
The sea it tossed me to the ground, and I was safe–or so I thought;
I did not know I had been caught,
Nor knew the foe.

The sun and moon and stars above I guessed must be my source.
They bathed me in their cosmic love–and gave me life, of course.
And now I suffered no remorse–
Oh bless my soul!

And down below both great and small were many creatures low and high.
I so adored them one and all, and learned the who and how and why–
And longed to keep them ever nigh,
So we could grow.

Then I took notice of my hands, my feet, my heart, my eyes.
I made and mastered marvelous plans–but oh the time did fly!
And what was born must die.
Oh must it die?

But wait! ’tis just a passing through another realm of glorious light.
Beyond the veil I now can view the final end of hideous night–
The blessed land of pure delight,
Where all is right.
All is right.

Tina Rae Collins
March 3, 2014

My Rap Poem

A friend of mine on a women’s Bible study list challenged me to speak in rhyme. So I quickly wrote the following little poem and am sharing it with y’all just for fun.

That’s great, Sister.
Put me on the spot.
Make me write in rhyme
With every tittle and every jot.
Turn my crazy head
Into a mess of rhyming.
Make me think about
The meter and the timing.

Like it’s not enough,
When writing on the list,
To come up with good stuff
For which I won’t get dissed,
You put another burden,
That’s now going to linger,
That most wouldn’t touch
With their little finger.

Don’t think I will forget.
Oh yes, I will recall–
How you made me work,
How you had the gall.
But lest I shirk a challenge,
Lest I be that weak,
Here’s your little poem.
Another do not seek!



Sad Day in Farm Town

A sad day in Farm Town,
A sad day for me–
I look for a neighbor;
Oh where can one be?

My trees need a harvest,
My fields go to waste,
No ‘matoes to munch on,
No cherries to taste.

My roses are wilted–
No water is brought.
My friends never visit
As you know they ought.

I feel so unloved and
Deserted by all.
I might as well build me
A high concrete wall.

And saddest of all is
(I’m not being funny)
I think my old cow just
Sat down on my bunny.

Will someone come save me
Before it’s too late,
Or will I be left in
This pitiful state?

Oh well, never mind,
I can be of good cheer!
A friend came with pizza,
So I’m outta here!

Moonbeam 9.19.09

Still wanting red roses. I want to encircle my garden with them.. Click here to play Farm Town:

My Baby Boy (for Seth)

Dear Lord, the days have swiftly gone;
My baby is no more.
Did I not wean him just last year?
Last month did he turn four?

Last week did he first ride his bike
Without the training wheels?
(I laughed to watch his little dog
Go barking at his heels.)

And was it yesterday he asked
To lick the cookie bowl?
He had me look for ghosts beneath
His bed last night, I know.

Today did I not dry his tears
When he was teased at school?
Was he not spanked this morning when
He broke the Golden Rule?

Could this young man I look upon
Be that small child of mine?
No, no, my baby couldn’t be
Much more than eight or nine.

Oh, God! the baby boy I bore
Too soon from me is gone.
I trust I raised him well for You–
And, thank You for the loan.



The Blood

The blood is in the body,
And the life is in the blood;
And nothing you can do outside
Can ever be enough.
Your faith might bring you near,
And good works may take you far;
But the blood is in the body,
And the life is in the blood.

First Verse:
Sometimes I get to wond’ring
If what they say is true–
That having faith in Jesus
Is all I need to do.
But then I search my Bible
And hear His words divine:
“Deny yourself and follow me
And you will know you’re mine.”


Second Verse:
We work the works of Jesus,
And serve Him as we can–
By doing for our neighbor
And for our fellow man.
But working cannot save us
Nor faith alone indeed.
The precious blood of Jesus Christ
Is what we really need.


Third Verse:
Believe He is Messiah;
Confess His precious name;
Amend your life to please Him–
You’ll never be the same.
But here’s a little secret
About our Savior’s will–
Unless you’re plunged beneath the flood,
Your sins will linger still.



Silent Hands

They say angels are messengers
Sent from above
Guiding us, helping us
Resist unto blood
And I know it’s true ’cause I’d never be
Able to overcome
What overcomes me

Having no sustenance
Down on my luck
Wandering, bewildered
In the mud and the muck
Faithful ones find me and they take me in
Feed me and lead me
Where I’ve never been

Emptied and weary
I fall on my face
Losing all sight of
God’s wonderful grace
Filled with misgivings, discouraged, depressed
Somehow I’m lifted
Somehow I’m blessed 



Silent hands rescue me
Give me hope, set me free
Take me into a place
Of peace
When my eyes cannot see
And my heart fails me
Silent hands
Silent hands
Rescue me