Under the Dome

If we were told that next week, next month, or next year (or 100 years from now) an alien nation was going to descend upon us and burn us alive, saving only the very best ones of us, what would we do? Praise the aliens because we think WE are part of the very best so we’ll be okay? And too bad for the rest of the poor slobs (our ignorant neighbors, friends, and family members) whose ashes we’re going to be dancing on?

I watch a TV show called “Under the Dome.” Somebody has placed a big dome over a town called Chester’s Mill and the people inside can’t get out. They don’t have the power to remove the dome, but they are at least upset about it. They aren’t ignoring it or pretending it’s a good thing. They certainly aren’t worshiping the one who did it. (Why in the world would they?)

Most Christians think an all-powerful being in the sky created a burning torture chamber where he is going to fling most of us so we can writhe and scream and gnash our teeth forever. And they’re okay with that. They don’t feel that it’s unjust and some actually think it is necessary. In fact, they sometimes become riled when they are told this lake of fire doesn’t exist, and they highly praise the one who devised it and actually bow down and worship him. Now it may be that they think THEY are some of the few that will be his special pets and will be kept alive or it MAY be that they believe he is unconquerable and they are afraid NOT to worship him.

I suppose it is true that we can’t fight the monster in the sky any more than the townspeople of Chester’s Mill can destroy the dome. But it’s the behavior of otherwise rational human beings toward this awful “god” that is shocking. I’m not sure if any Christians are living under the dome in the TV show. If so I wonder how they are seeing it. Perhaps as a blessing–a way of saving the town from total destruction that is coming on the earth. Maybe they believe they are the chosen ones and their god is protecting them. Perhaps they are walking by faith and not by sight and just KNOW that the dome is a good thing although it seems horrible. Maybe. But all the people in the show are not thinking like that. And they for sure wouldn’t think that way if they thought the dome had a mind to harm them or their loved ones. They have better sense.

But does the everyday Christian here in the real world recognize that a being that has it in his mind to burn people for all eternity is not righteous and holy? No! Many proclaim this fiend as their (loving and merciful) god. It seems to me that they ought to at least know that burning people is not GOOD, it’s not HOLY, it’s not RIGHTEOUS, it’s not GODLY! What it is, is cruel and heartless and merciless and insane (with a god like that, who needs a devil?). And the very least Christians ought to be doing is begging constantly to the great ogre to please blow out the burning flames so their fellow human beings (and possibly they themselves) will be spared unfathomable agony.

But that is not what those who believe in this fiery barbeque pit do. Instead of telling the wicked beast how heinous his burning brimstone is and begging him to get rid of it, they spend their time saying things like this about him: “My god is good all the time. All the time my god is good. Yay, my god helped me find the perfect color of carpet to match my drapes. His love never fails. His mercies are new every morning!” And none of that is true, of course, IF their god is going to do what they think he is going to do.

Something is wrong. Something is wrong with many Christians or something is wrong with their god. I am here to tell you that the problem is with the Christians. The God of heaven, the great I AM, is NOT going to torture anyone. I pray for the day when Christians–of all people!–will stop telling lies on our loving Father, making him out to be the absolute mostĀ cold-hearted, self-centered, egotistical, arrogant, narcissistic, and unlovingĀ being that the human mind ever fabricated.