My SIXTIETH Birthday

Wow. I am sixty years old today. I almost want to say I can’t believe it, but I can. I have always thought I would be one of those people that reach old age. (Surely sixty is old age.) But, despite the fact that I expected to live this long, the overwhelming gratitude is not diminished. God let me live to be old. Not everybody is that blessed, but I am. And I am very, very thankful.

I asked only to be able to see my four children grown–you know, to have finished my job and to be assured that they wouldn’t miss me dreadfully because they needed me desperately. The Lord granted me that (my baby turns twenty-five this year), even giving me four grandchildren to enjoy, and here I am still. I guess that means my work is not completely accomplished. That work may have to do with my children or grandchildren or sisters or perhaps something totally unrelated to my family. But whatever it is, and for however many hours, days, weeks, months, or years it is, I pray God will give me wisdom and guidance to live each moment well and accomplish His purposes in my life.

You might wonder if it hurts to turn sixty years old. It does not. In fact, it feels great! I have been looking forward to this day for a while now. Sixty is a whole new category. I have moved from the middle-aged people and into the “old” category, and you know what that means–I’m a baby again! My peers have changed and I am now a youngster among the oldsters instead of an oldster among the youngsters. I am a fresh old person–a newbie! That makes me strong and vital and needed in my new realm. Where I might have been washed up and no longer necessary with my former group, I am extremely important and necessary again! (You have to have a good perspective.)

So I will, as long as my Father desires, keep living, keep talking, keep writing, keep trying to do good–and, yes, keep messing up–and fulfill whatever I was put here for, until my time in this body is over. Praise the Lord for this life and its tremendous joy and happiness. I hope our heavenly Father grants me at least twenty more years, and it would be wonderful if He would give me my wish–to die on my 100th birthday, asleep in my bed, after a day of celebration with all of my children and grandchildren (and great-grandchildren?). You never know. It could happen. God is good.