You Must Endure

My son, my son,
I want you to be happy.
And I should gladly bear
Your burdens on my back.
But happiness comes best
When it comes hardest.
So, though I’ll willingly share
Whatever you can’t bear,
You must show yourself a man–
You must endure.
And happiness will be yours.



Nobody Says Amen

We come in early and we take our pew,
And we sit there quietly for an hour or two.
The preacher has a cute little sermonette,
And he starts with a joke so we won’t forget.
Some of us mumble a few short songs–
No instrumental music, for we know that’s wrong.
We take communion with a somber face,
And we throw in a dollar when they pass the plate.
We repeat long prayers with heads bowed low,
Shakes hands all around, grab our Bibles and go.
The strongest of us will return at dark;
For when the doors are opened, we take our part.
In decency and order we place great store,
But nobody says amen anymore.


Living Sacrifice

Lord, You’ve done so much for me.
You stretched forth Your hands and gave Your life on a tree,
A sacrifice for my sins.
What can I do to repay You?
If I climbed to the top of the highest mountain
And shouted Your praise till it echoed around the world,
Would that be enough?
Or I could lie down and die….

A living sacrifice?
Stretch forth my hands and die daily?
My spirit indeed is willing,
But, Lord, my flesh is weak….

Lay me down.


Did You Think?

Did you think before you told that little story?
Did you wonder how much damage it could do?
Did you listen to the whisper of your conscience?
Do you think you’d want that story told on you?
Did you know you’ll give account to God in heaven
For each idle word you utter, great or small?
Go, then, ask the Lord’s forgiveness for your blunder;
And restore your tongue in service to His call.